Ayam Cemani

The Indonesian black chicken, this bird has black feathers, skin, meat, bones, and organs.  They are hardy and friendly, and lay a large cream to tan colored egg.  They are a project breed, so it is not uncommon to get some white or red in the feathers.  Our breeders are chosen for their solid black color with metallic green or purple sheen.  


A German breed, known for being large and friendly, as well as auto-sexing!  Females and males are different colors at hatch and can be easily told apart.  Imported in 2011, these birds are known for being exceptional layers of large brown eggs with a pink undertone.  They are also very heavy birds, so are perfect as a dual purpose breed.

Swedish Flower Hen

The Swedish Flower is a landrace breed known for varied and unique color patterns.  They are large, friendly birds and are good layers  of large brown  eggs.  Our breeders are both crested and uncrested, and produce a variety of colors.

Crested Cream Legbar

A wildly popular auto sexing breed, these birds produce large, light blue eggs, and the chicks can be sexed by color at hatch.  These are a medium size bird and are excellent foragers.