Feeder Insects

Fruit Flies

Fruitflies are used to feed many species of frogs and some other reptiles and amphibians.  We have thriving cultures of wingless and flightless melanogaster, and turkish gliders.


Mealworms are easy to raise and well accepted by all kinds of birds, and a variety of reptiles and amphibians.  They can be kept in a refrigerator and will go dormant, or allowed to grow and breed.  We sell mealworms and mealworm growing kits.  Our kits come with instructions for care and breeding.  Some people do develop allergies to mealworms over time so care must be taken if you are handling them.


These are not simply large mealworms, they are distinctly different.  The care of the worms is similar, but they require slightly more work to breed.  They are slower growing but contain less chitin, so they are more appropriate for certain types of reptiles (and birds love them!)  They cannot be refrigerated as they will not survive.  We sell superworms and breeding kits, which come with directions for care.


Springtails are tiny insects that are used to feed amphibians such as baby poison dart frogs.  They are also very useful in a bioactive vivarium, as they live in the soil and help break down waste.  We sell thriving cultures of springtails.