Ringneck Pheasant

The typical gamebird in paintings and art, ringnecks are a beautiful bird.  They breed the year after they hatch, and the males are in full color in their first year.  They appreciate plenty of space and males can become aggressive with each other especially in breeding season.  Their eggs are a beautiful olive to dark brown color.  

Lady Amherst Pheasant

A stunning ornamental pheasant, in full color the males are a combination of blue, green, white, yellow, and red.  They are fertile the year after they hatch but the males take two years to come into full color.  The hens are brown and black and can be easily mistaken for Red Golden Hens, so care must be taken to prevent cross breeding.  They are much calmer and less aggressive than ringnecks.

Red Golden Pheasant

A mix of red, yellow, and green, this ornamental pheasant is related to the Lady Amherst and is very similar in behavior.  They are fertile the year after they hatch but also take two years to come into full color.  These have been the most friendly pheasants we have, and are fairly tame with humans and less aggressive with each other than other pheasants.

Reeves Pheasant

These big bodied and gorgeous ornamental pheasants are uncommon, and can be slightly aggressive with humans and each other.  They are fertile the year after they hatch, and come into color fairly quickly for an ornamental breed, often at about a year of age.  The male's tails can grow up to 6 feet long.

Melanistic Mutant Ringneck

A color variant of regular ringnecks, these birds are iridescent, with blue, green, and purple hues. Even the hens have a sheen to their feathers.  They are similar in behavior to the normal color ringnecks.

Swinhoe's Pheasant

Also called the Taiwan blue pheasant, these birds take until their second year to fully come into color.  They are very hardy birds and do well in summer and winter without any additional heat.  They look similar to Mikado pheasants, but have red legs.  They can become fairly tame so they can be good pheasants for beginners.